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International emergency response cooperation for marine pollution

When marine pollution incidents affect waters that connect 2 or more countries, we work with other countries to ensure appropriate responses.

Several agreements help us in this assistance exchange. For example, our agreement with the U.S. includes response plan outlines and definitions of each country’s roles and responsibilities during clean-up efforts.

Response in the Arctic

We have an agreement with other arctic nations for responding to marine oil pollution when 2 or more arctic nations are impacted.

This agreement outlines the procedures for incidents, including actions for notifying and requesting assistance.

International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness

Canada is a participant in the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness. During a major incident, this agreement allows:

International exercises

We practice our joint emergency plans with other nations to ensure our response operations are efficient.

For example, we have 5 area plans with the U.S. and each must be exercised regularly to make sure we’re ready for emergencies.

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