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Technical Assessment of the Manolis L Shipwreck

Prepared by Resolve Salvage & Fire (Americas) Inc.

This report was produced by Resolve Salvage & Fire (Americas) Inc. for Public Works and Government Services Canada

Manolis L: Wreck assessment
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Executive Summary

RESOLVE Salvage & Fire (AMERICAS), Inc. has completed its assessment of the wreck MANOLIS L and surrounding wreck site under the terms and conditions set forth in Contract # F6813-150013/001/XAQ for Public Works and Government Services Canada as overseen by the Canadian Coast Guard. The purpose of this document is to provide the findings of the assessment and offshore operations, and is thereby considered a detailed “final” report.

In order to carry out the assessment in its entirety, RESOLVE SALVAGE & FIRE (Americas) actively managed the entire project, conceiving and executing the technical scope of work through on site supervision of local sub-contractors carefully chosen by RESOLVE. A combination of specific vessel, ROV, and mixed gas diving operations were utilized in this project to complete the following core objectives:

  • Multibeam Survey
  • Video Survey
  • Hull Mapping
  • Plate Thickness Survey
  • Oil Assessment: locate/quantify/sample (type)

The statement of works was managed by RESOLVE with dive/ROV ops carried out by local St. John’s contractor, ProDive Marine Services. The MAERSK CUTTER served as the operational platform and FUGRO provided all underwater tracking and surveying equipment, as well as carried out the multibeam survey. Onsite operations took place from August 15th to September 4th of 2016 in a period of very favorable weather.

Results Summary

The MANOLIS L was found to be in capsized at N49° 40' 47.223750" W54° 31' 15.147008" with a 5-5.5 degree list to starboard, slight stern trim and a 34 degree heading. The vessel appears to be stable and no evidence of the casualty breaking apart was visible although there is substantial damage to the bow and stern bottom shell plating, due to the initial grounding incident. There appears to be no evidence of hogging/sagging or torsional effects were seen on the global structure. Hull thickness gauging was performed at 68 locations on the casualty and found the overall diminution of the hull to be approximately 10%.

A total of 31 penetrations were made in the bottom shell and engine room area to locate oil within the MANOLIS. Of these, 14 tanks/compartments were found to have at least traces of either diesel or heavy fuel oil. The amount found is quantified to be in the range of 115 to 150 cu.m.

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