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Canadian Coast Guard’s latest icebreakers

The Canadian Coast Guard is expanding its fleet to ensure we have the ships we need to carry out our important work. In 2018, the Government of Canada purchased 3 medium interim icebreakers to support icebreaking services in Canadian waters.

These icebreakers are:

Conversion and refit work

Each vessel must comply with Canadian regulatory and Coast Guard operational standards. To meet those requirements, the 3 vessels were scheduled for conversion and refit work. Some of this work includes:

The icebreakers are also equipped with a removable towing notch. The notch allows the ship to safely break ice and tow another vessel at the same time. These icebreakers are the first in the Coast Guard fleet to have this unique towing capability.


These icebreakers will carry out icebreaking duties in:

The vessels will also support other Coast Guard programs, such as search and rescue and environmental response.


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