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Capacity building and contingency planning

Find out how our capacity building and contingency planning group supports Canadian maritime security at home and abroad.

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Training and capacity building

Building our contribution to international maritime security capacity supports Canadian government initiatives such as:

Our mentorship teams work with other government departments, leading workshops and training sessions to improve regional and international maritime security operations. We deploy our teams internationally to provide global maritime safety and security training, which covers topics such as:

Our mentors work with international maritime organizations to enhance regional responses to maritime incidents by:

For example, Canadian Coast Guard mentors have participated in maritime safety and security exercises in East Africa and the Gulf of Guinea. These programs contribute to improving the confidence and capability of safety organizations and security forces in these nations.

Coast Guard mentor working with partners during Exercise OBANGAME EXPRESS in West Africa.

Maritime security contingency planning

Contingency planning ensures that we’re able to react quickly and effectively to possible security threats in, to or from Canada’s maritime domain. We do this by organizing our actions and resources ahead of time to avoid delays in responding to an incident.

Our branch focuses on the Canadian Coast Guard contribution to long term preparation for significant planned events in Canada, such as the:

Events like these are particularly vulnerable to security threats when they have prominent media coverage and significant global interest and impact. We work with multiple government agencies to provide security for these events by:

Reviewing each event lets us plan future actions and ensures that each responder fully understands their responsibilities. This way we can prepare for any situation that may occur during future events.

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