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Levels of Service
Message from the Commissioner

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The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is committed to providing its clients in the marine environment with the best services possible within its available resources. In 2007, the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) conducted over 30 client engagement sessions on the subject of CCG levels of service. During the review, clients commented on the importance of each of CCG's 6 programs and, in some cases, requested additional services. As part of the Levels of Service (LOS) Review, in addition to responding to our clients' comments, we committed to update the 2007 CCG Levels of Service and Service Standards (LOS) document.

The updated Levels of Service document is now available. It is designed to clearly communicate the services clients can expect from CCG and ensure service standards are consistent across the country. Most of the changes to the document are minor as CCG was able to implement many of the suggestions made by clients during the Review without changing its levels of service. The 2010 version includes: updated terminology; improved program descriptions; new service standards for the Environmental Response (ER) program and the removal of outdated services, specifically Loran-C.

Message from the Commissioner

In 2007, we undertook a review of the Canadian Coast Guard's (CCG) levels of service by engaging our clients in each region of the country to seek feedback on our performance. Federal departments and agencies who partner with CCG, such as Transport Canada and Environment Canada, also participated in this "Levels of Service (LOS) Review". The Review contributes to our ongoing commitment to foster a highly effective, client focused organization. It also enabled us to respond to the 2007 Report of the Auditor General, which recommended that we make better progress in achieving up-to-date national policies, standards and levels of service. During the Review, we carefully assessed all client comments and requests.

Our responses, now posted on our website, communicate some changes that were feasible within current resource levels, such as better marking of secondary channels and ensuring our icebreaking priorities are consistently applied across regions. In other cases, we have explained why some requests could not be accommodated, either because of the cost involved in increasing our levels of service, or because they fall outside of CCG's mandate. To view CCG's responses to clients, I invite you to visit our LOS website.

As part of the Review, we also committed to re-publish CCG's Levels of Service document which communicates the services clients can expect to receive. This document also includes service standards for each program that commit to a measurable level of performance clients can expect under normal circumstances. This on-line update is intended to provide greater clarity and communicate minor changes to our services and service standards.

I am also pleased to announce the inclusion of service standards for the Environmental Response program, an addition requested by our clients and partners. These standards are a starting point for better managing performance. As with all of our other services, we will review them as we move forward and improve them as appropriate. Other changes were also made to the document provide better descriptions of the services offered by each program and the corresponding service standards. As an evergreen document, the Levels of Service will help us provide high quality services to our clients in the maritime environment in a nationally consistent fashion. Undoubtedly, we will continue to face changes in our operational environment whether in the form of technological advances, changes in the economy or the changing demands and expectations of our clients. The services of CCG will need to keep pace with these changes and continue to evolve. We will need to engage our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure we are meeting our stated levels of service, but also to seek feedback on how we can improve in the future. Within this context, the Levels of Service document will be updated when necessary to stay consistent with priorities and to achieve service excellence.

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George Da Pont
Commissioner, Canadian Coast Guard

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